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AI is a powerful tool that’s becoming an ever more important technology to help beauty brands provide unique user experiences that captivate customers while increasing sales and customer loyalty.

The challenge is: How can beauty brands best incorporate AI technology into the consumer online shopping journey? What AI technologies are emerging, and which are best suited to leverage the power of AI for Beauty Tech.

We will dive into the following topics to give you a holistic view on leveraging AI skin care technology for the beauty sales journey.

Beauty industry participants who one year ago were taking a quick look at what benefits AI might someday provide for them, are rushing back to kick off projects. They’ve seen that AI, and the AR experiences it powers, is no longer an interesting concept, but absolute table stakes within the industry.

The Beauty industry isn’t alone in waking up to the opportunities:

AI allows providers of goods and services to quickly and accurately project a 360-degree view of customers in real-time as they interact through online portals and mobile apps, quickly learning how their predictions can fit our wants and needs with ever-increasing accuracy.” – Forbes

AI skin analysis technology is driving new opportunities by giving brands the ability to know more about individual users than, in some ways, they even know about themselves. This is because leading edge technology such as Perfect Corp.’s AI skin analysis services, can evaluate the condition of their skin across a range of metrics. Brands can then use this diagnostic information to make ultra-personal product suggestions to the customer.

The User Experience Delivered by AI Skin Technology

Throughout the development of our AI Skin Care Technology, we have kept a tight focus on the user experience. This is why we designed our technology to run entirely on the client-side. Using an iPhone 8 (or an equivalent Android device), it only takes 2 seconds to show the analyzed results for all skin conditions mentioned above. This makes ours the fastest AI virtual skin analysis solution on the market.

The highly accurate and precise skin advisor, which can be activated on a smartphonetablet, or accessed via a website, uses our AI-based deep learning, that is verified by dermatologists and skincare experts.

The AI model is based on a skin health database with over 70,000 professionally graded images. And the results were validated through clinical studies of more than 60 patients in multiple test sessions with three different dermatologists. Testing included consistency across different environmental lighting conditions, as well as accuracy compared with professional clinical test equipment. The skin analyzer tool delivers accurate skin assessment for all skin types and ethnicities.